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A great way to get insight into a newly appointed Account Manager is to go behind the scenes and explore the day to day life of Maddison Hagland, who has started when CDA can work from anywhere.

Getting started

Firstly, I would like to say that I am possibly the most active lazy person you will ever meet. I love my mornings, everything about them. I am very much a morning person. This means that my day will usually start off with my little morning routine, which will be going to the gym for an hour or so, then doing some mindfulness work and focusing on what my day will entail. I then have breakfast and read my book. It is a very relaxing start to the day.

My working day

My working day differs depending on if I am in the office or working from anywhere. Since starting at CDA I have worked from both the office and at home. This is very beneficial as it offers such flexibility I have never experienced before. When working from home, I can go for a run or maybe a walk during my lunch break, or if I missed the gym, I can do a home workout.

At the minute, I am busy learning the ropes of becoming an account manager. I spend my day doing training with Shannon and the team, learning about CDA and the processes. I help CDA clients realise their objective through engaging design, digital and branding solutions and i am also training in social media marketing and how to promote. It is a continuous learning environment and it is pushing my boundaries and knowledge everyday. I am also learning the testing side of our website building which is resulting in keeping my role very varied and diverse. No two days are the same at CDA!

Heading home

After a busy day at work it’s time to finish for the day, if I’m in the office I tend to head to the gym with my boyfriend. But if I’m working from home I will relax with my family, spend time with them and watch a movie or the American Office. Another great love of mine. Then I head to bed and read before I am ready to go again the next day!