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Work from anywhere

Coronavirus has caused lasting changes to almost every aspect of life around the world. As we emerge from lockdown and start to talk about ‘the new normal’, it’s clear that the way we shop, work and play has been changed significantly forever.

When we initially reported the impacts of coronavirus back in March; we focused on the effect on eCommerce and retail outlets. It was inevitable that shopping for most things, including groceries, would move online. Then, as the CDA team began home working ahead of the UK lockdown, other businesses followed suit, and offices fell temporarily quiet.

Now, 3 months on, we couldn’t have predicted how much our behaviours and attitudes have shifted. Our most recent dive into online consumer behaviour reflects the practices of the last 3 months – online gym classes, virtual quizzes and video meetings. More recently, announcements from the bigger tech companies reveal some of these attitudes are here to stay. Jack Dorsey’s announcement that Twitter employees would continue to work from home ‘forever’ spurred the thoughts and actions of businesses around the world.

Work from anywhere, forever

The modern workplace will never be the same and at CDA we want to embrace that. We’re proud that our team were all working from home before the government asked us to do so; and we want to build on the successful working practices of lockdown. From now on our team will be given the flexibility to work from anywhere, forever. Our office will be open for anyone who wants to come in; but the team will now be able to design their day around what is best for their wellbeing and workload; choosing where to work at any point.

Our team have been consulted on this decision and have all inputted into the processes we’ve put in place to make this possible. Everyone at CDA is committed to our clients; and will continue to work hard to make websites, apps, brands and marketing campaigns successful. We will always be contactable during office hours with our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Of course, when we’re able to, we can’t wait to get together again in person for our next monthly team social; but for now the virtual quizzes will continue!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the processes we have in place; ask any of the team who will be happy to fill you in.

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