There are many different reasons why businesses decide to launch a social media campaign; perhaps you want to launch a new product, increase awareness of your brand, or engage new customers.

Here are five top tips to set you on the right path to a successful social media campaign.

1. Decide on your campaign goals

Firstly, at the beginning of the process of devising a successful social media campaign is to decide what you want to achieve from it. Consider whether you want to create an online buzz, generate brand awareness, increase your online following, or perhaps launch your latest service or product.

2. Choose social media platforms

Now you know what you want your campaign to achieve; you will need to decide on the marketing channels to use. The social media platforms you choose must reflect your target audience in terms of age, interests, geographical location etc.

3. Establish campaign participant engagement

If your campaign is to be a success, you must engage effectively with those who are participating in it. For example, the easiest and quickest way to engage with your followers is to ‘like’ and comment on every positive reaction your posts receive. This real-time visitor engagement makes you look like a real person, rather than just a corporate entity.

4. Use your accumulated content

Once you reach the point where your website has accumulated a pool of high-quality, relevant content it’s important that you use it. Choose the most relevant, highest quality content and put it out there on your social media accounts for visitors to see. Using customer testimonials and positive product reviews is a great way of boosting customer loyalty and client retention.

5. Use analytics to measure campaign success

As each of your campaigns reaches its conclusion, you must use metrics to analyse how successful your efforts have been. Your analysis should include both qualitative and quantitative results. Through this process, you can determine not only how successful your campaign has been in terms of building an online following, but also how your products and services are performing post-purchase.

6. Set out to get the best results

If you are new to social media marketing; you might feel more confident and are more likely to generate a better ROI by teaming up with a professional marketing and branding agency. For example, to get your brand’s social media presence kick-started the right way, why not talk to the experts at CDA!