On September 10th, at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple HQ, the world’s eyes turned to digital tech giants Apple to watch them unveil their new range of products that would push the boundaries of what we understand as ordinary technology. Here are five things we learned from the brilliant launch that captured the attention of millions.

1. Welcome the iPhone 11 Pro

Unlike any iPhone ever produced before, the 11 Pro has been hailed as the new leader in what smartphone technology can really do. The device debuts with an all-new triple camera system that transforms how you take photos and shoot videos by enhancing and accentuating the cameras to capture sharper, clearer images. The phone has also introduced new settings to improve low level and night shooting, helping create more vibrant and innovative photos.

2. The iPad is bigger and better

Apple also unveiled the new iPad, with a 10.2-inch Retina display and increased versatility to challenge what an iPad can do. This one comes with a built-in Smart Keyboard and a more user-friendly screen to allow you to expand what you do with the device, whether you’re updating your social media, writing an essay or web designing. The iPad also comes with the all-new Apple Pencil to let you write, sketch, scribble and design with the device. It’s being marketed just like a computer, but smarter, slicker and with a much more responsive design than before.

3. Introducing Apple Arcade

One of the most highly anticipated announcements was that of Apple Arcade, the new gaming subscription service available exclusively through Apple devices. The service gives users access to 100+ games with no ads, no additional in-app purchases and access for up to six family members all on one subscription plan. Some games already announced include Sonic Racing from SEGA and Lego Brawls from LEGO.

4. Arcade is coming sooner than you think

Apple also announced that Arcade, which available on all Apple devices, would be introduced with the iOS 13 update, which went out to users in the middle of September. Subscriptions cost £4.99 per month and give you unlimited access to all the games on the app.

5. Apple TV+ launches in November

The highly anticipated Apple TV will launch on November 1st with a host of new, original programming made by some of Hollywood’s biggest innovators. Shows from Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and M Night Shyamalan will be available to stream through Apple TV, for £4.99 a month. New originals will debut every month and can be watched by up to six family members in 4K HDR.