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Learning how to rank highly in Google is now one of the most effective and profitable ways a business can be successful and boost eCommerce sales. Many consider getting to the top of Google for profitable key terms to be an almost impossible task.


However, the truth is, Google wants your business to succeed and provides you with a number of awesome tools not just to help you rank higher, but also to improve the conversions of your site. Here are 4 free Google tools you should start using today in order to boost your eCommerce sales.

1. Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner is a powerful tool to help you understand what information people are actually looking for, and what you can answer. Simply input a keyphrase associated with your business, such as “men’s trainers”, and it will give you hundreds of alternate keywords and the number of times those phrases are searched for a month. If you currently aren’t running any AdWord campaigns, then the frequency of searches for each keyword will be much broader, but still helps you get an understanding of what keywords to rank for and which products to sell.

2. Google Trends

Just like any store, you to want to be keeping up to date with trends and try to get ahead of the curve. Google Trends allows you to track the relative popularity of keywords over time. You may search for things like “blue Adidas trainers” and find that that search is now diminishing over time and fewer people are interested in buying them. Instead, you can focus on trying to rank for products or key phrases that are in growing demand.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business is vital if you hold any kind of physical store and want to help local customers find you. Beyond this, it can therefore also be used to boost eCommerce sales if you sell a number of products or services online. Without the need to even visit your physical location, customers can read reviews about you and find everything you offer and then buy online.

4. Google Analytics

It is almost incredible that Google Analytics is still a free tool when it provides such a diverse array of essential information for your business. It doesn’t directly help you get more visitors, but the information you glean can help you refocus your marketing strategies and know which efforts to pursue with greater effort. You can see exactly how many visitors your site is getting, from which sources, at which time of day, from which location and more. You can also track your conversion rate to see what percentage of visitors are performing a given task that you desire, like subscribing to your newsletter or buying a product. Google Analytics is vital in boosting eCommerce sales by allowing you to see how your customers are interacting with your site and whether or not you are actually attracting the right kind of viewer.

Getting the most out of these 4 free Google Analytics tools means taking the time to learn how to use them and how to make them work to the advantage of your business. Here at Creative Digital agency, we know how to install and make best use of all of the tools above, as well as other even more advanced ones. We can help you properly optimise your eCommerce site and attract more visitors who then convert at a much higher rate. To discuss our services further and to see how we could potentially help your business, contact our team today.

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