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With the Rio 2016 Olympics only 1 day away; we’re taking a look at some of the best UK and global campaigns which are sure to get you in the Olympic spirit…


Channel 4, “We’re the Superhumans”:

Firstly, with over 1.2 million shares, Channel 4 has created the second most shared Olympic ad of all time (behind P&G’s “Best Job”, 2012). The spot; 4Creative, is the sequel to the “Meet the Superhumans” campaign and promotes the channel’s coverage of the Paralympic Games. “We’re the Superhumans” is the most accessible campaign ever produced by Channel 4, with signed, subtitled and audio described versions available, and it is believed to include more disabled people than ever before featured in a UK ad.

Proctor & Gamble, “Strong”:

Part of P&G’s “Thank you Mum” campaign, this moving advert pays tribute to mums by illustrating the emotional strength involved in motherhood. Furthermore, with the tagline “It takes someone strong to make someone strong”; the ad presents the people and stories behind Olympic athletes, thanking Mums for their contributions. “Strong” is part of P&G’s 10-year long sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

Visa, “Carpool to Rio” & “The Heart”:

Visa presents one global story to be shown in over 12 different cuts across the world in a multichannel, integrated campaign. It features some of the 46 Olympic and Paralympic athletes which make up Team Visa making their way to Rio; both encompassing numerous countries and nationalities. Narrated by Morgan Freeman the ad is light hearted; it also reminds audiences of the many different ways to pay with Visa.


Visa’s UK Olympic advert compares the ‘constant’ nature of its services with an athlete’s heart. The poignant ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi London and intersperses shots of a beating heart with images of an athlete training in the run up to the Olympics.


Coca Cola, “#ThatsGold”:

Coca Cola, who has sponsored the Olympics since 1928, uses archival footage from past Olympic Games to make their ‘That’s Gold’ campaign. The campaign celebrates ‘gold’ moments by paralleling the joyful moments of athletes with those of everyday people; promoting the notion that ‘gold’ isn’t just about winning but about sharing memories with friends and family. Further to this, Coke sponsors these memories across the globe, comparing them with the taste and experience of drinking Coca Cola. “#ThatsGold” takes a variety of forms, from television adverts and content from Global influencers to the Olympic Torch relay.

Samsung, “School of Rio” & “The Anthem”:

Samsung’s UK Olympic campaign sees the return of Jack Whitehall from the “School of Rugby”, for the next instalment. Comprising of five spots; the “School of Rio” aims to show off key features of both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. Each spot presents Whitehall being taught by different Olympic athletes, the ‘lessons’ are:

  • Stamina with Becky James and Sir Bradley Wiggins
  • Resilience with Helen Glover and Sir Steve Redgrave
  • Resilience with Ellie Simmonds and Susie Rodgers
  • Protection with Joe Ward and Katie Taylor
  • Elegance with Lee Pearson and Natasha Baker


Lastly, samsung has also put together an ad which brings together the world’s national anthems, forming a song to unite the globe. In the spot, “The Anthem”; National anthems are sung from parts of the globe; this is to highlight the notion that we live in a world without borders; i.e., New Zealand’s national anthem plays in England. In conclusion, it focuses on bringing people together whilst promoting the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.