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The world of blogging has exploded, and it seems like every business today has some form of a blog. It’s no surprise really, as a blog allows you to connect with and reach customers in a new way. Now that the world of eCommerce is booming too, it’s time to ensure that your eCommerce store stands out from the crowd by having a blog. A blog will bring numerous benefits to your eCommerce store, and below we discuss some of the best.



1. Attract more customers from a new source

The primary goal of your eCommerce store should be to drive as much traffic as possible to your store, in a bid to change that traffic into paying customers. A blog allows you to achieve this with a new source. Your blog gives you the ability to boost and enhance your SEO efforts which in turn drives customers to your store. If you do execute this successfully, then you will see the traffic increase to your store in dramatic fashion.

2. Create call-to-actions

Whenever you begin to blog, you are opening new ways to tap into a customer’s mind in a variety of ways that most eCommerce stores simply can’t achieve. Since potential customers are reading your content, you’ve got their attention and the opportunity to direct them to wherever on your website you want them to go, which of course, could be specific product pages. Even if you aren’t talking about specific products, but trends, or general topics, you still have the opportunity to create a desired call-to-action at the end, so there is always the chance to gain new customers.

3. Discover and develop your store’s voice and brand

Brand awareness is a key component is gaining and maintaining customers. A blog allows you to create a personality, which is otherwise extremely difficult to achieve in general with an eCommerce store. By developing a voice, and connecting with customers, you have given your eCommerce store the chance to stand out from the crowd, and that’s a valuable asset to have.

4. Create new opportunities for your sales funnel

When it comes to trying to get people to enter your sales funnel, email marketing should always be top of your list. A full email list is filled with new, potential and loyal customers who can all be converted into a paying customer. Now, imagine you can add incentives to join your mailing list throughout your blog and its content, then you’ve got a new way to gain even more emails, to gather even more chances at a potential customer.


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