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Choosing the right content media and video is crucial to the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Content marketing has significantly changed over the years as more users switch to smart devices, SEO algorithms evolve, and as social media grows into a robust marketing platform.

In the fast-paced eCommerce landscape, one form of media has proven to triumph over many others in delivering results. The use of video content is growing and is expected claim over 80% of the overall web traffic by the end of 2019. Businesses are rapidly incorporating videos in marketing emails, infomercials and targeted ads to reach a broader audience and increase conversion rates.

Creating a video can cost up to dozens of times more than a written version of the same content information. So why are marketers opting for video content? The answer lies with the value, flexibility and relevance that a video provides to the target audience. Here are five reasons why videos have taken over content marketing.

1) Videos are highly engaging

Videos are packed full of information that engages with the audience’s emotions and senses through captivating visuals and sound. That level of engagement leaves little room for distraction, so the message always hits home. In some cases, descriptions are best delivered as a demonstration in the form of a video to ensure comprehension.

2) Videos promote brand recall

One of the greatest strengths of video content is its retention in the viewers’ memory. This is the same reason you can always remember a film you only watched once years ago. As the viewer recalls the content of the video, they recall the brand, product or service too. This embeds a brand-product association deep in the viewer’s memory.

3) Boosts site’s SEO

Videos have a high click rate that can drive traffic to your website. About 65% of potential customers visit a site after watching a branded video. This not only boosts your SEO ranking but also increases the conversion rate. It is easy to increase the click-through rates by including videos on your web pages.

4) More likely to go viral

There are always tales of video campaign ads gone viral over the Internet. In fact, many online marketers have taken to this trend of viral marketing to reach a massive audience. Videos have a way of capturing the imagination, making them ideal for viral marketing. A well-orchestrated viral campaign has the potential to grow brand awareness on a global level.

5) Performs well across all devices

Responsive design is a major concern for any eCommerce website where you need your content to perform well on so many platforms, browsers and devices. Material that does not perform as expected hurts the user experience and consequently lowers traffic and SEO ranking. Videos are one of the few media forms that can fit and work on just about any device. Moreover, multimedia platforms like social media and YouTube already have video playback interfaces that take care of how the video is delivered.

In conclusion, videos are an incredible and smart way to create content that directly influences your audience to take action. They have the ability to generate emotion-driven sales and spread brand and product awareness on a scale that no other media form can achieve. Contact us at Creative Digital Agency to learn more about how you can boost your online sales by using videos and other eCommerce solutions.