Over the years, social media platforms have evolved from a fun pastime that kids and teenagers use to keep in contact while outside of school, to an incredibly popular form of communication for individuals of all age groups.


Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and many more offer unique opportunities for you as a business. It helps to find individuals who have a higher chance of being interested in your product; therefore acting as a form of advertising that doesn’t cost you anything; aside from a small portion of your busy schedule.

So, you may be wondering exactly how social media can benefit your business; what techniques can be used to advertise for your business and reach out to new customers through the internet. The answer is simple, although the methods that you can use to reach out to potential customers vary widely. The answer lies in the form of organic advertising; which in this case is completed by the customers who have already purchased an item or service from your business.

Customer Satisfaction

When a customer is satisfied with the item or service that he or she has purchased from your business; he or she has the opportunity to look up your social media profile or page and leave a positive review. This helps your overall image and online reputation; this is because you are gaining positive reviews from real people, but the true organic advertising takes place when the customer chooses to share your profile or page with his or her friends. This then gets your business name out into the open for other potential customers to find.

In addition to making it easier to reach out to new customers, this also builds a strong reputation for your business, as the reputation for your business is already above average when a customer shares your business with another potential customer. Because the advertising is taking place through word of mouth; the simple fact that an individual speaks highly of your business to his or her friends will shed a positive light on your business before the new potential customer has ever researched your business or stepped through the doors.

Social Media

Social media accounts do not need to be constantly watched; but they are utilised best when there are regular updates to the page or profile that you are using for your business; this helps to keep customers interested. In addition to regular updates about new products that are coming out; creating a type of incentive program where customers can receive discounts for sharing your page or profile with friends; or including your name in a post that the individual makes on his or her own profile can help to boost the overall number of people that see your page or profile.

If you do not currently have a social media account set up for your business; it is important that you capitalise on this free form of organic advertising immediately. There are so many benefits that having a social media account for your business will have; most of the business giants that are currently on the market are already using social media platforms to boost the number of potential customers; as well as provide an outlet for constructive feedback for the customers to use.

Boosting your reputation and allowing your customers to have an easy way to share your business with their friends and family will be very beneficial for your business in both the short and long run. If you would like more information or some help then please get in touch. We offer packages to fit all budgets and can really help you grow your audience and social presence.