Imagine you are wandering around an art gallery and spot a picture that you find attractive from a distance. You then get closer – and yet closer – until your nose is almost touching the canvas. Now, you can examine the individual brush strokes, admire the technical proficiency of the artist, even assess the quality of the canvas used. The end result is not really artistic appreciation!


What has this got to do with your website or social media content?

The painting was created to be observed, and hopefully enjoyed and reacted to, at a certain distance. This is why it’s likely that the artist would stand back, on a regular basis, and assess their work in that light and admire the picture.

Which brings us to both website content and social media postings that a company might create. For each, there is a danger that those within the business are also working with their noses pressed right up against the canvas. In other words, they are working from an insider’s viewpoint, and it can be quite easy to neglect the outsider’s perspective.

What problems can this create?

It can be too easy for a business to concentrate on talking about what it knows it’s good at; but from an insider’s perspective. Yet, to attract custom, from those undertaking searches; for example, the content and picture has got to speak to their needs, worries, desires and the like. In other words, it’s less about what a product or service is from an insider’s perspective, and more about what it can do for those seeking it out.

Tied to this, many businesses use jargon and technical terms as a matter of course. For those on the inside, these need no explanation. For outsiders, with less knowledge, such content can confuse or even worry, leading to a decision not to carry on with a visit to the website.

Equally, posting on social media can inadvertently take the inside-our-business viewpoint.

There’s an old saying: ‘To walk in someone’s else’s shoes first take off your own‘. You need to address problems, concerns, and situations with outside eyes.


How our Creative Digital Agency team can help

Working closely with the professionals inside your business; we can marry your product, service, and marketplace knowledge with both our outsider’s eye and our digital marketing, branding, responsive web design and social media expertise.

In this way, we can ensure that your business is talking with both relevance and empathy to those you need to turn from searchers or casual social media readers into potential customers for your business.

For an obligation-free discussion about achieving this for your business, speak to our CDA team today.

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