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2019 is right around the corner! Which means it’s time to start looking at your business goals and plans for the next year. Here are some of our suggestions for your business bucket list.

1. A new website

Building a new website that works for desktops, tablets and phones is key for growing your business online. It can also boost profits while helping expand your branding.
If you don’t need a whole new website, SEO and website management can also support your business. Looking after your website and updating it regularly can make it easier for customers to find you!

2. Digital marketing

Digital marketing can seem daunting, but with the support of an expert team at CDA, we can help you reach your business and company goals with digital tools.
If you want to start your first digital marketing campaign or want to make 2019 the year you solely use digital marketing, we’re here to help! Digital marketing can work for all forms of companies as well as helping you find new audiences on a global and national level.

3. Social media

You don’t need to be a trendy influence to make the most of your business through social media. Ideal for B2C businesses, it can be used to find new audiences and build relationships with current customers.It’s also a great way to increase brand awareness online with a limited budget. Campaigns can be created, run and delivered by our expert and dedicated team all year round, giving 2019 a boost!

4. Email marketing

Have a selling point you want to boost in 2019? Or want to reconnect with old customers? Email marketing is a great way to reach audiences on a more personal level.
Just getting someone to open them is the first (and most important!) step, so making sure they’re written and designed in the most attractive way possible is vital. So we can use our creative and out of the box thinking to make your email marketing unique!

5. eCommerce

eCommerce can be a major factor in growing your sales and profits, as well as meeting business goals. Whether it’s through website sales, social media link clicks or email marketing, there are plenty of ways to use eCommerce to benefit you and your business.
Or book a consultancy meeting to make a 2019 eCommerce plan and find the right advice to boost your eCommerce profits.

6. Branding Design

A new year is a great opportunity for new branding! A tired and out of date logo or creative can put off potential customers and clients. Get in touch with our design team to create a new look for your business.

Want to learn more or book an appointment with our digital marketing team? Use our contact form or call us today!

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