At CDA, we’ve helped many businesses achieve success through developing recognisable brands. There are core features of every successful brand, however, and we thought we’d share them with you.

Market understanding

The best brands out there know who their target customers are. You never turn down a sale from anyone, of course, but every brand has a particular type of customer who they primarily appeal to. Learning who those customers are and what they like is essential. It means you’re able to properly target your marketing and will encourage further brand loyalty. All of this spells success for your brand in the long term – so learn who your audience is, or will be.


If your brand is too similar to another brand, customers will get you confused. Your business is your baby so, of course, you would recognise it anywhere. But will customers? Try and take as objective a view of your business as possible to see if it’s genuinely unique or not. If you’re not able to succinctly pinpoint exactly what makes your business unique – your USPs – you still have branding work left ahead of you.

Consistent quality

Inspiring loyal customers will depend on providing reliable service. This means that your business appearance, the products/services you provide, and the sales process all have to be consistent. If your brand becomes associated with lazy service and inconsistent quality, you’ll find it impossible to grow. Customers tie very specific memories to brands, and they last a long time. Make sure you’re providing the best possible impression at every opportunity.

Dogged tenacity

Look at the biggest, most recognisable brands in the world today. How did they get there? Nobody just handed them their spot in the marketplace on a plate. They had to fight for it. So will you, if you want to succeed. You have to be prepared to face stiff competition and provide customers with something they can’t find elsewhere. Dig in your heels and be ready to consistently defend your position while seeking to expand wherever and however possible.

At CDA, we can help you translate all of these core concepts into the development of a memorable brand. We can also help you with a variety of marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, even down to custom stationery, to help advertise your brand. We’re also able to assist with all aspects of your brand’s online promotion.