Bounce rates are the number of visitors that leave your website without clicking through to another page. Although bounce rates aren’t always a negative thing, high bounce rates are an indicator that something on your website just isn’t working the way it should.

Ultimately, it depends on the industry you’re in and what the main goal of your website is. For example, for eCommerce websites, your goal is to get people to the checkout. So if you’ve got a high bounce rate, it means your traffic just isn’t converting and getting the right result.
Unfortunately, your analytics will never show the reason why people are leaving your site. So, to clear things up we’ve created a list of the top reasons why visitors are leaving your website…

1. It’s not what they expected.

Most online customer journeys start with a google search. This means that they already know what they want before they find your website and are searching for exact keywords that relate to your product.
For example, they might be searching using the keywords “Size 12 black dress”. So, any link that comes up they will assume that will show them black dresses in that size. If they click the link and find shoes instead, they’ll just leave your website because it’s not what they expected.
If you’re using non-relevant keywords in your PPC campaign, you’re going to bring the wrong traffic to your website, which will increase your bounce rate.

2. Your website is hard to use

Usability and simplicity is the key to great websites.
Although having beautifully designed websites look great, they’re not helpful for your company if they’re hard or confusing to use.
If it’s too difficult for your visitors to navigate to the parts of the site that they need, they’ll find somewhere else to go. It’s as simple as that.

3. It doesn’t have the information they want

Visitors will go to your website for a specific reason. If they can’t find the information they need, they’ll look to a competitor to find it.
You need to provide all the information your users would want to know before buying. But, don’t just lay out the facts. This is a great opportunity for you to really sell your product, company or service. Use this as an opportunity to really convince them why they should buy from you – and not head to a competitor. Tell them what your unique selling points are.

Follow all these tips will not only help you reduce your bounce rates, but also help you increase conversions.