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When it comes to selling online via ecommerce, one of the ways you can give your products a boost over your competition is to ensure that your website is as user-friendly, engaging and easy to use as possible through great website design.


Great website design can be the one thing you need to make that extra sale or impress a new customer – so here are just a few ways that you can utilise a well-designed website to increase your sales and please your customers:

1. Easy accessibility

If you want visitors and potential customers to spend time on your website, making it as accessible as possible is key to providing the perfect browsing environment. A well-designed site will make the process of finding products, seeing recommendations and even checking out as smooth as possible. In turn preventing customers from leaving due to frustration or time required to reach the products they want.

2. Products at their best

A beautifully designed website is just that: something that’s great to look at for anyone who visits. A distinctive design that falls in line with your branding, combined with beautifully styled and framed product imagery, can mean the difference between disinterest and a valuable sale. When it comes to online shopping, aesthetics are everything. In a global market, you may have competitors from any number of locations with various price points; but a great-looking website can go a long way to making your products look even more desirable and essential.

3. Easy cross-platform compatibility

A great website should be easy to access in any number of ways. From a responsive design that allows for quick and easy surfing from any tablet or mobile device to the ability to hop to your website from any social media or online advertising seamlessly. There are many ways that cross-platform compatibility can work to boost your sales. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than being unable to find advertised products; or trying to access a non-reactive website on their phones – don’t let those potential sales pass you by.

4. A smooth and easy customer journey

The customer journey is an important thing to understand for any sales-based business. Being able to visualise how your customers get from A – seeing your product for the first time – to B – making a purchase – can go a long way towards understanding what is preventing visitors from completing the sales process. Unlike older and less customer-friendly websites; excellent website design helps guide your customers from first look to checkout thanks to intuitive, easy to use and quick sales processes.

Thinking about updating your website, or unsure how intuitive web design can boost your sales? Contact us today to discover what our web development and design services can do for your ecommerce business. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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