Do you want to know how 2020 has changed the way that successful companies work? What can you do to market your business and survive in 2021? Find out with our webinar, The New DNA of Tomorrow’s Companies.

When & Where?
Wednesday 18th November 2020
UK: 11.30am (GMT)
US: 12:00 (PST) / 15:00 (EST)
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Following overwhelming success at The Business Show and B2B Shows in the UK & US, we are back with our masterclass: The DNA of Tomorrow’s Companies. You may have attended our masterclasses last year, in which we demonstrated how combining online with offline was key, however Coronavirus has completely changed trends and behaviours, potentially forever. This webinar aims to address this and assess what businesses can do in response to this year, for a more successful 2021.

The new DNA of Tomorrows Companies Webinar

Looking at short term gains, with real actionable advice, this webinar will draw on our experiences working with businesses throughout 2020 and the insights we have seen during, and as a result of, Covid-19.

We believe businesses must assess their immediate strategy, as planning for the long-term is no longer a guarantee. Coronavirus and its impacts will continue into 2021 and we want share with you ideas and thoughts to help your organisation put actions and changes in place now for the best start to the new year, and the best chance of success as the pandemic continues to develop.
This webinar is for both B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes and industries. We will address the obvious challenges for business owners and marketeers, but also present opportunities to become more visible to your market and suggest ways to become more agile so you are ready to tackle new situations as they arise.

Coronavirus impact on consumers
We know that Coronavirus means more people are working from home and people have resorted to new methods of communication, entertainment and buying habits, but what is the real impact and how has it changed things long-term? We will determine how you can embrace changed behaviours and use this to capture new customers, then turn them into a new market of brand ambassadors for your business.

At a glance:

  • What’s changed since the last masterclasses?
  • How can you adapt your marketing for a new era?
  • Should we still combine online with offline? Is offline still relevant?
  • How to generate brand loyalty amid the pandemic
  • What new opportunities and challenges have arisen from Coronavirus?
  • How can you get your brand found?

We want to help businesses stay ahead of the game to survive the coming months and years. If you would like to attend the The new DNA of Tomorrows Companies webinar, please sign up:

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