There’s no doubt that making a big splash in your local market can be tricky, regardless of your size or what your niche is.

However, as a locally based business, there are key areas where you can take a stand and become an indispensable new brand in the community. Unlike national heavyweights, you can use your local position and agility to your advantage by trimming your brand to fit the needs of the local people you serve. The following are some helpful hints to get you started, ensuring your brand grows from a firm foundation in your local area.

Remain relevant to your local customer base

Everything you offer must be aimed at your local community. Keeping your business suited to the people local to your business will create return custom. Recent stats show that almost 90 percent of consumers remain loyal to business brands that have the same values as them, so align what you offer with the local community. How do you find this out? Read on…

Complete market research in your locale

Canvas your area and find out what your community loves, what they need and what they feel is missing. If you can answer these questions with your products and services, your business will be built on solid ground. Understanding who you’re selling to allows you to tailor your offering intelligently.

Create a brand identity

Now you know who you serve and what they want, you can efficiently design your local brand. Informed by your study, set your brand values, and select the voice your community will listen to and use it in all your messaging.

Make a considered choice for your logo and colours that will appeal to the area and make sure all your branding is seamless across your storefront signage, literature, website, and even social media to build a memorable presence in your community.

Employ local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Finally, use local SEO to your advantage. Add your website to local directories and ensure you’re tagged to turn up in local searches for the services you provide. Make sure your local address and contact details are correct and present in your footer so they appear on every page.

Whether you require an SEO Strategy or need new marketing tactics, if you’re looking to launch your brand locally, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team for advice, we’d love to join your campaign!