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Design Predictions

2020 represents the start of a new decade and potentially, a new era for website design. Be it in digital marketing, social media or e-commerce, new trends will emerge that will dictate how developers appeal to future clientele. To that end, these are some of the trends that look set to dominate the industry throughout 2020.

Focus on the Minimalism

One might expect an abundance of extravagant designs with the rise in technology. However, people seem to prefer the ‘less is more’ approach. You will likely come across designs with a lot of white backgrounds (more in line with the designs of old) and shorter, simpler copy that makes its point concisely.

Vibrant Colours

Today’s web design tools allow you to be experimental with your layout. When pitching yourself in the corporate world, don’t think about playing it safe with simplistic colour design, make sure you use bright, eye-catching colours that draw the viewer in. Quirky colour design can enhance your appeal in the e-commerce market.

Adaptable Pages

When people are exploring the world of e-commerce, they won’t want to wait until they’re sat in front of a computer screen to sample it. They will want to get a glimpse on their tablets or their smartphones. For example, if you were designing a landing page, you should make sure that there is a format available for mobile so that potential customers aren’t put off by the need to squint.

Animated Calls to Action

Every item of marketing will feature a call-to-action, something that turns the observer into a customer. Today, it’s not enough to offer up a link to another page. Animated CTAs are growing in popularity, not just demonstrating a vibrancy, but also furthering the identity of the brand and creating trust with their reliance on custom-made designs.

Push Notifications

The turnaround time between finding a viewer and turning them into a client needs to be quite short. Once you have secured the customer, you need to maintain that interest. Giving them the option of a push notification will demonstrate whenever you have something new to offer; keeping the interest and maintaining the momentum needed to gather new clients.


When we want clarity, we want the information immediately available. This has seen a rise in online assistants such as chatbots which are stored on the page 24/7 to answers all the relevant FQAs.

Optimised for Voice

It’s common practice to read through a line of text when it comes to queries; but giving the customer the option of voice-automated assistance will shave off a lot of time for both parties and will make the site more accessible to people with disabilities or other impairments.

The future for design is a bright one. And these trends look set to dominate the e-commerce and SME market over the next decade.

Here at CDA, we offer a range of design services that can help you with your website, branding, print and social media presence. To learn more about our range of design services and how we can help you then please do get in touch with us today and we can help you ready for 2020.

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