Wordpress is it making the system slow

At Creative Digital Agency, we are big fans of Wordpress. We use it frequently for our clients for its simplicity of use, ease of access and the great support, not to mention that Google loves Wordpress as well for SEO.


For those who don’t know, Wordpress is the definitive Content Management System (CMS) for blogs and websites. Released on 2003, it is an open-source, cross-platform program that has proved so popular that out of the top 10 million websites; nearly a quarter of them are supported by it.

Some concerns that have been noted

However, a frequent concern we’ve heard about Wordpress is that it struggles to support big websites. Of course the larger and more complex a website is, the more information needs to be accessed; but is it really true that Wordpress is just unable to handle bigger sites?

Well, the answer is a slightly vague “it depends”. We’ve used Wordpress on some very comparatively huge sites and had no issue whatsoever with it running the CMS. However, we’ve seen some websites from our clients running on Wordpress that have run at a proverbial snail’s pace. Now, this may sound like there are issues with Wordpress and skeptics are somewhat right to be concerned, but here at CDA, we see a common them running through websites that are running slowly using this CMS.

They are normally poorly built and structured and normally loaded with dozens of unnecessary plugins, all of which drain bandwidth and slow down loading times. They are normally built with little care for the whole structure; instead they are made to look pretty at the front but are hastily set up in the back; which also makes maintenance far harder than it needs to be. Yet when we build sites that are far bigger than these poorly constructed ones; there is no lag, no delay, no slow loading and no problem. So it’s not Wordpress that’s causing the problem, clearly.

So is it really true that Wordpress is slow for bigger sites? Not at all….. but only if you have a good quality build that does exactly what you need it to do. Like everything in life, if corners are cut in your website build, it’s not a big surprise if the thing that’s cut is ultimately quality.