Typically, businesses understand the need to have an engaging website and an effective web presence. Often overlooked, however, is the importance of search engine optimisation, or SEO. As most people use search engines to locate a website or company; it’s vital that you make Google happy, and your business ranks highly by increasing brand awareness.


When users search for particular key terms, you’ll want your business to appear at the top of their search results. In order to be fully effective; it’s important to identify the key terms which are most relevant to your industry; and which users are most likely to search for. Although it can be burdensome for businesses to analyse this type of data in-house; accessing expert help with your SEO requirements can ensure that the appropriate key terms are identified and that your site is fully optimised.

Generating qualified leads with SEO

Although businesses invest heavily in advertising or marketing, these efforts may be in vain if the target population isn’t looking for their service or product. Using SEO, however, ensures that users who are actively searching for a company within your industry or location are directed to your website.

If you operate a roofing company in Brighton, for example, you’ll want your website to appear when users search for terms, such as ‘roofers Brighton’ or ‘roofing contractor South East’. Users who are searching for these terms clearly already have an interest in your service and are, therefore, already qualified leads.

Providing your company appears in the top five search results when relevant key terms are searched for; it’s likely that many new visitors to your site will be actively looking for the service or product you offer and, as a result, you should find that your conversion rate increases accordingly.

Building trust via search engine optimisation

Whatever industry you operate in, customers want to be able to trust a company before they part with their money. Studies suggest that users trust search engines to deliver trustworthy results and this can work in your favour.

Ranking highly in search engine results implies that your company is highly regarded and conveys trust to the user. Furthermore, appearing in search results across a range of key terms reinforces the trust the user has in your brand.

As well as increasing brand awareness and accessing qualified leads; SEO can build your company’s reputation and encourage customer loyalty as a result.

Of course, implementing an effective SEO strategy requires specific expertise and experience. In addition to adding relevant content to your website, the infrastructure must be SEO friendly. You’ll also need to ensure that your site has a number of incoming links from reputable sites and is constantly updated in order to maintain a high SEO ranking. Due to this; it’s often advisable to access expert help when devising and launching a cost-effective SEO plan for your business.