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This is ASOS

ASOS has always catered to a range of different sizes between 4 and 18; in addition to offering tall, petite and maternity. Now they have gone one step further and launched ‘See my Fit’; this uses augmented reality, making it the first retail brand in Europe to trial this technology and brings a huge change within the eCommerce  industry.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology which uses computer-generated images to enhance real-world experiences. In ASOS’s case, they have used this tool to digitally superimpose outfits onto different models in the size you require; showing customers how they might look, at the same time as saving money on shooting every size of model for each outfit.
For example, outfits are always shown on one size model and as there are millions of different body types and shapes; the clothes may look different on the person to what they do online. With ‘See my Fit’, you can reduce the chances of that happening. You can see similar-sized models wearing the item; and this will then help you to judge whether it may suit you.

Why is it good for eCommerce?

Shopping online can be a daunting place for some people. You can’t try on the outfit before purchasing, and although you may be able to return clothing if it doesn’t fit for many people, it can be a lot of hassle and impossible to get to a post office, or to be home to wait for a courier, due to work commitments. This could prevent potential customers from ordering items which they simply wouldn’t wear.

‘See my Fit’, therefore, could increase online sales. Customers are more likely to buy if the only doubts they have are about the size and how it will look. This could be a game-changer for ASOS, compared to other retails selling online, who don’t offer this service. While the technology isn’t available on all products yet; it doesn’t show their maternity, tall or petite ranges; if the trial proves successful, there’s no reason why it can’t be expanded to include those ranges.

In March 2018, ASOS began displaying some of its clothing on four different sized models. So, this is the next step following that, showing that they are always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the competition.


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