Facebook kicked off its annual event in San Jose last week. From developers to designers; the event aims to bring everyone who works with the site together to talk about Facebook’s future with the new F8; and any potential implications the site faces.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to announce the launch of new features set to appear on the site within the next 10 years; with new camera tricks and augmented reality features announced. Here’s some of the biggest news to have come from F8:

Augmented reality

Firstly, during F8, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebooks plans for making the camera the first augmented reality platform. This will allow Snapchat-style effects to be integrated into Facebook’s AR camera platform. With both Giphy GIFs and animated 3D effects to be introduced, their newly launched AR Studio is a crucial part to Facebooks future growth. The studio is to create fun and creative content, from 2D overlays to 3D face masks which respond to facial movement. Users will also be able to integrate augmented reality features into their surroundings, encouraging a fascination appeal to the platform.

AR games will be introduced, which will incorporate real-world objects; a technology called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) will present a grid over the ‘board’ (table) in front of you, making this your very own augmented reality gameboard.

There have also been talks about Facebook glasses. The pair of glasses lets you and a friend play games such as chess, which only you and your team player can see. The glasses show a chess board on your table and allows you and a friend to play the game without any spectators!

Facebook haven’t just thought about augmented reality for games, but also as handy memo technique! You will be able to leave a virtual message on an object within your home; for example, do you need to remind your spouse to pick up dinner? Do so with a floating message on the wall or fridge door!


Facebook messenger bots

Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook’s messenger platform last year; this enabled businesses in all industries and of all sizes to build custom bots in Messenger. Facebook currently have a few bots implemented into their Messenger service. Such as messenger codes, the messenger button, the ‘print’ option and healthtap; an interactive healthcare provider which connects to users to give advice on medical problems, from medical professionals.

Facebook aims to make their bots more capable, with the aim of making it the only app you ever need. Facebook messenger’s virtual assistant ‘M’ can help you with almost anything; from making a payment to finding the nearest Chinese takeaway. At F8, it was announced that the platform is to become even more helpful; by noticing tasks you may need assistance with.

For example, the feature will now be able to help with your social and business plans. ‘M Suggest’ will recognise key parts of your group conversation and pick up on key words and use this to help you with arrangements. If you are organising a business meeting with a client via Facebook messenger; M Suggest will recognise the cuisine you are looking for and make suggestions based on this. If the subject is based on choosing an Italian restaurant, the bot will show your favourite Italian restaurant and its menu. Following this, M Suggest will also assist in social arrangements; if you plan to visit the cinema one evening, the bot will pick up on the film you and your pals are considering and display local film times.

Facebook M is set to become smarter over time; jumping in when it’s most needed to make that last-minute restaurant recommendation or give you your nearest hotel rates.


Virtual reality cameras

Furthermore, with Facebook strongly believing that video is the future; they have announced their creation of two brand new VR cameras both with six degrees of freedom. Their 360-degree video approaches virtual reality and grabs video through 24 individual lenses. Having announced their plans last year and open sourcing their initial designs in July; Facebook shared their software and blueprints with the world. However, this is not the case this time around. With their plan to gain the attention from augmented and virtual reality production companies succeeding; Facebook received the attention from the market they required; and they aim to expand this even more by introducing two brand new designs which will be kept private until launched.

Facebook plan to create one 24-lens model (Surround360 x 24) and one 6-lens camera (Surround360 x 6) model. Facebook have made sure these creations are compact; with the 24-lens model to be slightly bigger than a football and the 6-lens model set to be a little smaller. The idea is to help filmmakers with their needs to record monoscopic 360-degree videos for laptops, PC’s and smartphones; as well as providing the source for professionals to create stereoscopic 3D videos. It may be a case of filmmakers renting the new cameras; however as the 24-lens model is said to sell in a price range above the GoPro and the 6-lens model to fall in a price range just under.

This isn’t the only way Facebook is incorporating VR into their plans. Facebook Spaces will be introduced which will allow users to socialise and communicate with friends whilst feeling as though they are together in the same place at the same time. This will be implemented through avatars; a cartoon version of yourself you have created through Facebook. This virtual reality app lets you socialise how you wish and socialise with your friends in your very own virtual world; take a trip to a friend’s birthday gathering, a business meeting or simply ‘pop’ round for a coffee without having to worry about having to tidy up!

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‘This is going to be a thing in the future – people standing around looking at blank walls’ – Mark Zuckerberg.