easter egg

Easter weekend is only around the corner and we’ve been getting into the spirit with a few Easter eggs! Who would have thought we’d be able to indulge in this many without feeling at all guilty?

We’ll let you into a little secret…Google have their own form of chocolate free Easter eggs! These are known as digital Easter eggs and are frequently used within the media world to demonstrate hidden messages, features or links within a form of media. Companies like Microsoft Excel and Disney have succeeded in the use of embedding Easter eggs in their media designs over the years, with Microsoft utilising this ultimately engaging technique since 1995. But how have Google been productive with this tool?

We’ve gathered together a few of Google’s finest hidden gems, give them a go!

Google 1998

Ever wondered what Google’s original design was when it was founded in 1998? Simply type ‘Google in 1998’ into the search engine bar and there you have it – a blast from the past!

googleTic tac toe

Often known as noughts and crosses, this addictive little game is usually played between two people with nothing else needed than a pen and paper. How about playing against Google? Type ‘tic tac toe’ into the search bar, select the level you wish to play and whether you wish to play against Google or with a friend and away you go – good luck!
tic-tac-toeFlip a coin

Heads or tails? Let Google decide! Eliminate the search for spare change and turn to Google to help make that decision by googling ‘flip a coin’.


A quirky touch to the usual Google homepage! Googling ‘Askew’ will do just that to your screen. How long can you last with your screen at a slight tilt?

skewAtari breakout

Take a break from work and enjoy 5 minutes of Atari breakout. Switch over to Google Image Search where searching ‘Atari breakout’ will present you with an interactive game so be ready!



Why stop there with the small interactive games? As a celebration of pacman’s 30th anniversary, Google created a pacman doodle game! Have a go at the classic game by entering ‘pacman’ into the search bar.


Try typing ‘recursion’ into Google and what do you get? Exactly that! Try clicking on the word ‘recursion’ and see yourself repeatedly clicking on the word – what do you notice?


Google haven’t stopped there when demonstrating their sense of humour alongside creating a fun way of engagement with their users using Digital Easter Eggs. Try googling these too:

  • Roll a die
  • Solitaire
  • The answer to life
  • Zerg rush
  • What sound does a dog make
  • I’m feeling curious (or fun facts)
  • Anagram
  • Do a barrel Roll
  • Spin dreidel