Although creating a digital marketing strategy from scratch might seem daunting, any good digital marketer knows that behind any successful campaign therein lies just three main parts.


At CDA, we take your business interests or goals and convert them into a coherent campaign using these three simple steps in order to ensure we are getting the most from our activity: collecting data, extracting information, increasing revenue and improving site visits wherever we can. These are the three steps that all good digital marketing strategies should take in order to achieve success:

1. Purpose

Although it is desirable to simply increase organic visits to your site, any action within a strategy must have an end goal. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve but make sure you find a purpose for your action, such as to help with business growth, data capture or to play a crucial part in a digital marketing campaign.

2. Measurable value

You might know what your goals are (to increase bookings, get people to attend an event or to pick up the phone to book or buy) but you need to make sure each one instructs your visitor to take an action in order for you to know whether it has been completed. Think along the lines of a call to action on your web pages or social media to share content; fill out event registration forms, download a brochure or sign up to a newsletter. This way, as soon as an action has been taken, it can be measured.

3. A clear identity on your site

With a lot of competition out there and concentration spans growing shorter, it’s important to hold your viewer’s attention. Think bold buttons, confirmation page views or highlighted links. Remember – you need to get your audience to actually notice the action in order for them to take it. A good way to do this is to send them directly to the heart of it using WordPress pop-up plugins and via direct links from social media.

Once you have established your goals and implemented a strategy, you will need to track and measure your activity. The most efficient and intelligent way to do this is via Google Analytics, which will tell you how many site visits, click throughs and conversions you have racked up during the course of your campaign. GA provides a detailed report of the effectiveness of the campaign; allowing room for improvement the next time around and an indication for where to best spend your money in future.