In 2015, Nielsen carried out a survey which showed 66% of respondents saying they are willing to pay more for products and services; which come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.


Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just recycling paper to save trees or donating money to the local charity; it is about having an input to the health and welfare of society. Customers enjoy engaging with good, trustworthy companies. They like to associate themselves with organisations that excel in being environmentally active and responsible. However, before you put this into practice, you must identify the core values of your brand.

We’ve identified the internal and external benefits associated with making your company socially responsible. Alongside making your employees proud to be part of your organisation; you can also incorporate ways to make customers feel good about using your services or purchasing your products. Here’s how:

The ability to have positive impact in the community

By keeping social responsibility in mind; you are likely to develop and ethical behaviour which considers the community more so than before. Make the time to recognise ways in which you and your company can help make a difference within the community. As a result, the level of respect you gain from the community will increase; and you will soon gain recognition from integrating your services into helping with community demands. Companies regularly make alterations to their services or value chain making them beneficial to the community as appose to causing damage.

Give your employees a chance to volunteer

This is a brilliant way to give back to the community and doesn’t cost you a penny! By creating initiatives, not only will your staff enjoy a new experience, they’ll be there as a representative for your company – brilliant for networking!

village houses


Professional and personal development

Encourage growth and support for your employees by involving them in your company’s socially responsible activities. Keeping your staff happy, motivated and passionate is important to portray within the workplace and so by involving them in activities outside of the workplace helps them to learn something new and encourages them to integrate this into their work. Offer responsible and enjoyable opportunities for your employees to get involved with. Starting an internal fundraising committee for example will encourage employees to work towards something positive whilst giving them the opportunity to develop both on a professional and personal


Brand trust

Developing trust between your customers and your brand is crucial and so developing an excellent reputation is paramount for opening new opportunities. From creating new client relationships to forming new regular custom; achieving and maintaining the trust these individuals have in your brand is vital. Research has shown companies who have the environmental and social factors at heart find themselves swimming in success due to consumers swaying towards companies who share a commitment to the environment, social value and the consumer’s community.

Build yourself an excellent reputation. This is to increase the likelihood of your company being welcomed into new communities and developing a trusting relationship with a wider audience. How healthy and beneficial a product is for a consumer is also an element which sways a customer either towards your brand or away from it. Consider the level to which your products are beneficial for both your customer and the society; this is to have a positive effect on influencing your customers purchase decision.