As an owner of an eCommerce store; you want to be able to appeal to and reach as many customers as possible. Luckily, there are many eCommerce websites available today that can allow you to reach different audiences; but how can you go about connecting your existing eCommerce website with these storefronts and what are the benefits? 

Connecting your eCommerce website to different online stores, such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay, is fairly straightforward; though the process may differ a little between websites, the general process will be similar to:

  • Creating a merchant or seller account on the storefront of your choice.
  • Signing up for the storefront’s integrated web service; (e.g. on Amazon this is called Amazon Marketplace Web Service); which integrates your existing data and workflow with your new seller account.
  • Completing the process by confirming which payment methods you wish to accept and which items you wish to list on the site.

There are some plug-ins available on the market which aim to combine all the storefronts you use into one single application. M2E Pro, for example, connects Amazon and eBay storefronts; among others; to the Magento ‘eco-system’ which allows you to track your inventory, sales and deliveries in one convenient place.

So, what are the benefits of connecting eCommerce websites to other storefronts?

While having your own eCommerce website is a great way to build the brand and identity of your company; ultimately you want your products to be available to your customers in whatever way they find most convenient. Featuring your products on as many eCommerce storefronts as possible will increase the likelihood of a potential customer finding your product and making a purchase.

Having multiple distribution channels can, however, become confusing as managing your stock can be time-consuming if each channel is separate. If you are unable to properly monitor your stock across multiple storefronts it could lead to you being unable to fulfil orders or over-ordering products. Problems such as these can be detrimental for any business; but especially for an SME or start-up who is trying to build a reliable reputation. To avoid these problems it is important to integrate your different storefronts into a single distribution channel.

For more information on integrating storefronts or how to create an eCommerce website that strengthens your customer base, contact CDA today! We provide eCommerce solutions for our clients that give you total control over your eCommerce and increase the sales of your company.

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