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Circulate by CDA, what is it?

During these uncertain times businesses are having to change and adapt to new ways of working and attracting clients or customers. It’s no secret that the world is facing tough times at the moment.

As a business that values partnerships; we want to work with business owners and marketeers to support each other through this difficult time. CDA is a marketing agency that champions customer service, quality and people; we want to work alongside businesses to provide as much support and advice as possible to help you and your business overcome this hurdle.

That’s why we have set up Circulate. a digital networking and support group for business owners, marketing managers, eCommerce managers and entrepreneurs. In this group we will share useful information, ideas and resources daily to help businesses push forward with their marketing efforts.

Circulate can be accessed in two forms, firstly via email which you can sign up to here, and secondly through a Facebook group, which you can view and request to join here.

Since CDA started; our clients have always relied on us to provide marketing advice and support to help grow their businesses. We don’t take this lightly and want to continue offering support and community as we all navigate the coming uncertainty.

We look forward to you joining the community. Watch out for our videos and resources which we will begin sending out over the next few days. If you have any queries or would prefer one to one advice on any design, digital or brand related questions then please feel free to contact the CDA team.

Working together and supporting each other will help us get through these unprecedented times.

Stay safe and best wishes from our team to yours,