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Day in the life of Shannon

A great way to gain insight into the world of digital marketing is to go behind the scenes and explore the goals, daily tasks and challenges that Shannon Timberlake, our Commercial Director here at CDA entails.

The importance of clarity and control from the start

As many of our clients are owner-managers of smaller businesses, we know that they are working long and untraditional hours. This is one reason why I am behind my desk at 8am, to be available for the early bird calls and emails!

There is always a management team meeting at 8.30am, before the hustle and bustle starts in earnest. This is a great way of checking in on priorities and sharing good practice from the ‘get-go’. This is also why every day starts by touching base with the entire team; to discuss meetings, events and tasks for the coming hours.

Setting a client work matrix

This all informs my ‘To Do’ list. Prioritising all my projects carefully ensures deadlines are diligently observed and any website updates are carried out efficiently.

Beyond that, my activities could cover a wide range of website and content management tasks; including everything from meeting a client to discuss initial branding ideas, to testing live websites and assessing their lead conversion rates for example.

I also carefully manage organic and paid social media and SEO activities on behalf of some of our long-standing clients.

We don’t ‘just’ advise our clients on how to create and maintain a high performing website. CDA delivers extensive digital marketing services and also offers training for clients to equip them with valuable insights and abilities.

Making time to spread the word

As Commercial Director I am tasked with promoting the value of our services and the strong results we achieve. So, my average day will also include marketing activities on behalf of CDA; such as preparing for exhibitions, and meeting new suppliers to support our business growth.

As we regularly receive information requests from potential clients, my day often includes the preparation of new business proposals and Digital Marketing Plans for fresh campaigns.

Technology never sleeps

I officially leave the office at 6 pm. However, this is the digital age, and while relaxing at the gym, in front of Netflix or doing wedding planning, my smartphone is never far away! This enables me to deal with any urgent client emails and keep track of campaigns and other projects.

If nothing else, my average day shows how wonderfully varied and dynamic this sector is, and the fact that my passion and interest in my role ‘never stop’; even outside the office!