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The sunny days and lighter nights of British Summertime are upon us; so it’s the perfect time to optimise your social media presence for increased engagement during this busy time of year. Let’s look at some actions you can take to breathe new life into your brand’s social media; and to brighten up those posts and shares for the summer months.

Post in classic summer palettes

Positivity leads engagement, and summertime is the perfect time to provide positive brand experiences for your followers. When we think of summer colours, our thoughts turn to the blue skies, green leaves and bright sunshine yellows of the natural world, or rich orange dusks and the beach holiday tones achieved with sunbleached summer filters.

Combine these emotive, energetic colours in your graphics and photos with feel-good language in your descriptions, consistently creating updates with a positive summer vibe. Measure your social media activity in response to this targeted summer palette, watching what works and dropping what doesn’t, to gradually fine-tune increases in engagement over time.

Harness the summer calendar

Your social media channels are your ultimate summer marketing tool. Take note of important seasonal hashtags, campaigns and keywords on your social channels to deliver optimised posts and associate your brand with major events in your area; like festivals, food markets, conventions and open days – in order to join these consumer conversations early on.

Posting more photos of your team on social media will also heighten the human interest behind your brand – regardless of what you sell. The more socially active you can be this summer, and the more you can share it online, the greater your chances of increased engagement with the people whose problems you can solve.

Know your competition

Your posts should be just as valuable and attention-grabbing as the biggest names in social media; this is because that’s exactly who you’re competing against for your audience’s attention. Even more so during the peak summer months; when your social content won’t only compete against rival brands, but also with countless selfies and summer sales.

However, without the right content schedule and design optimisation prepared beforehand; your social media activity could be at a permanent disadvantage against your competitors. You could be missing out on massive opportunities for the growth of your brand this summer; but that’s exactly where we can help.

Our team specialises in refreshing our clients’ social media channels for increased engagement, heightened brand awareness and improved website traffic. We deliver powerful strategies through monthly content campaigns, tailored specifically to you and your business goals.

We’d love to help you grow your business through social media during summertime. Just click here for our contact details – and find out how we could make this your best summer on social media yet.

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