Spring is here, and this is the perfect time to give your brand a new look. You don’t have to do a whole rebrand, but have you thought about tweaking a few things to give your business a fresh new look?  Doing this will help you reposition yourself in the market space and remain competitive, which is crucial when selling online.

Here are a few branding dos and don’ts to guide you.


Research and define your target market

The first thing you should do when branding your business is to identify your core target market. Do your research and learn the demographic to whom your brand must appeal. This will help you focus all your marketing efforts on ensuring that your brand appeals to them.

Make sure it’s legible

When it comes to your website’s visual elements, ensure that you choose fonts and typography that are clean and legible. Your typeface should also be striking without diverting too much attention from the rest of the design. To pick the right font for your website, think about your target audience and what mood you want to evoke with the font design.

Pay attention to colour theory

Colour increases brand recognition, so when doing a brand refresh, it is important that you maintain your current colour palette. That said, a splash of new colours can help spice up your brand by adding a new visual interest. You can use different colours on specific digital marketing campaigns to evoke specific emotions in your target customers.


Don’t copy other brands

Copying your competitor’s website and ideas is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when branding your business. By copying them, you will actually be promoting them because customers will always remember the original design or logo and will also prefer the original product.

Don’t forget your ‘why’

Simon Sinek’s theory explains that successfully articulating your ‘why’ to other human beings defines your value proposition and inspires them to take action. Therefore, when marketing your business, ensure that you communicate why your product is better than the competition’s and why the customer should choose you.

Don’t switch things up too often

Refreshing your brand helps you capture customers’ attention, but doing it too often might hurt your brand image. It might create a disconnect between branding and the business, creating a sense of instability.

Don’t follow trends

While jumping on trends can be good for your brand identity and marketing strategy, it is crucial that you only incorporate trends relevant to your products and company values. Think about the bigger picture and how your audience will perceive the message you are passing across. Including hot trends in your marketing strategy comes with its fair share of risks, so ensure the reward is worth the trouble.

If your company needs a brand refresh, contact us today and let us help you.