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Christmas is coming, which means you need to think about ways to maximise your sales via your eCommerce platform. Fortunately, these helpful hints and tips won’t take much time, effort or investment to implement – but you need to act fast to make the most of the Christmas rush.

So, what can you do to help drive your sales this Christmas?

1. Create a sense of urgency

You want customers to understand that they need to start buying as soon as possible. This could take the form of discounts for the first customers to your website after a given date, or reminding shoppers via your website and social media platforms when the final dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery are.

2. Curate gift ideas and bundles

Everyone struggles a little at Christmas knowing what to buy for loved ones, so capitalise on this by curating gift ideas for your customers based on general personality/preference types. You could even create a Christmas bundle, such as “Stocking fillers for under 5’s!” to save busy shoppers’ time.

3. Promote your gift card options

For those who cannot decide what to buy, there are always gift cards. Encouraging gift card sales will help ensure that your brand identity and awareness continues to grow, as the recipient may not have been aware of your brand or shopped with you before. Every gift card sale can mean a potential new customer.

4. Offer free delivery

Free delivery is always enticing for shoppers, but this is particularly true around Christmas time when people are generally shopping more. You could implement spending tiers, such as “Free delivery over £50!” – this will help encourage customers to add a few more impulse buys to their cart before checking out.

5. Provide a wrapping service

One of the most frustrating things for many about Christmas gift purchases is the need to wrap. You can capitalise on the desire for convenience by offering a gift wrapping option for a cost during your checkout process. This adds genuine value for customers and can help encourage them to shop with you again.

Whatever you do to improve your Christmas sales, make sure you have a cohesive approach to promoting what you’re doing through your digital marketing channels. Whether by email, post, or via your social media platforms, tell your customers exactly what you’re doing to make their Christmas shopping experience better this year.

For more guidance about what you can do to increase your Christmas sales, and how you can promote that to your customers, contact CDA today.