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New technologies are constantly driving the field of digital marketing. Three of the marketing trends likely to prove increasingly popular through 2019 include: 

1. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Firstly, the growing implementation of artificial intelligence for many different applications is making it popular with marketing professionals for analytics and the provision of insight. It allows analysis of real-time data to enable better campaign planning and execution; it is anticipated that over 25% of businesses will adopt AI technologies during 2019.

It’s also estimated that businesses will be able to save around $8bn annually by adopting chatbot technologies. Uptake has been fairly slow to date, but is likely to increase dramatically through 2019. Chatbots can really speed up the customer journey and are particularly popular with millennials, who have adopted mobile technologies with vast enthusiasm.

Further to this, they are ideal for sales – or customer service-focused businesses; and their machine learning capability means they will continue to grow and offer enhanced customer interactions over the longer term. It’s forecast that chatbots will be the normal means of customer communication and interactions for most businesses by the end of 2019.

2. Smart devices and voice ads

Secondly, devices like Amazon Echo and the increased use of voice technology on Google mean that voice optimisation is likely to grow immensely through 2019. This is a whole new field for marketers and will entail a steep learning curve in the first instance.
Optimising your business website for voice search will mean identifying common potential questions and phrases likely to be used by visitors. It’s estimated that around 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice by the year 2020, making voice advertising an effective marketing solution for many brands.

3. Visual search

Lastly, another marketing trend likely to increase in popularity through 2019 is visual search; which is based on image recognition technology. Many consumers prefer to use visual searches; and marketing professionals will start using this data more within merchandising strategies this year. Analysis of consumer images offers a lot of insight into the details of different products; therefore making it easy to base product recommendations on similar styles, patterns or designs. Combining image recognition technology and AI also provides the ability to offer personal styling recommendations for a variety of products.

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