The way we interact with the internet is forever evolving. The web never stands still. Gone are the days of just using it to connect to friends and family, the web is now a 1.3 trillion dollar industry.


The fad of social media turned out not be a fad at all; with social media now the number one activity on the web. What has changed is our communication style on the web. We use acronyms in everyday life without even thinking about them. We have all done it, ended a text with “LOL” or replied to a tweet with “LMAO”. However in a recent report published by Facebook the acronym “LOL” is only used 1.9% on all posts having been replaced with the more popular “hahaha” and emoji’s (smiley faces).

How has this changed in business?

In business the use of acronyms has risen. We commonly use terms such as “B2B”, “B2C”, and “SEO” etc. Acronyms like these come in handy when everyone knows what they mean! However there has been some quite famous fails as David Cameron found out.

4 Years on from “LOL” being added to the Oxford Dictionary very few people use it. So how will the internet develop in the coming years?

  • Voice activated input is becoming more accurate and efficient than ever before; with the introduction of digital Personal Assistants such as Google’s Now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.
  • One of the most innovative technologies that is currently evolving; and one which will most certainly bring new direction to the way we interact with the web is Three Dimensional Printing; which enables three dimensional solid objects which is built from a file.
  • The transportation industry could be considered one of the most exciting and influential web technology evolutions to date. Companies such as Uber; are revolutionising the taxi industry by giving users the ability to reserve and track their taxi reservations from their smart phones. Likewise the concept of a driver-less car opens up an abundance of opportunities for people who otherwise might not be able to drive; such as the elderly and disabled. Other additional benefits include the elimination of speeding tickets and the worry of finding a parking space, not to mention a drastic reduction in accidents.


Don’t let people “LOL” or “hahaha” at your online presence. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have about your digital presence.

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