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Within two weeks of Google’s massive shake up they have released Project Sunroof.

Project Sunroof is a new programme created by Google. This to enable homeowners to see if they could profit from solar panels. Google states the reason for initiating this project is to create an easier approach to acquiring solar panels.

It is very simple to use, you enter your address and the programme does the rest. The project is currently only available in a couple of states in the US. However, if the programme is a success then it will go worldwide.

This project takes into account all the necessary factors when analysing the capability of the roof. For example, the tool calculates the home’s position in relation to the path of sunlight and accounts for weather patterns.

To estimate savings users enter in their typical electricity bill and the tool calculates potential savings. Project Sunroof then even helps users find solar retailers and fitters in their area.

In conclusion, Project sunroof could change the way people perceive solar panels. At the moment if you want to get solar panels fitted you will need to go through extensive research as well as money to discover your roofs potential. Project Sunroof plans to eliminate this process.

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