London’s favourite cake maker

  • Brand
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A new brand identity and eCommerce website to combine two businesses. Our aim was to simplify processes and build brand authority for this London bakery.



The Cake Store asked us for help with simplifying the order process for their two existing Big Commerce websites and clearing up brand confusion both internally and from customers. Both sites were receiving high volumes of traffic and orders but were competing against each other in search engines, and neither site provided a complete view of the business offering.


We knew that the clear solution for building stronger brand recognition was to combine both sites into a single eCommerce platform with clear content signposting to make the transition as smooth as possible for existing customers. We started by blending the visual identities of the existing brands to create a modern new logo and colour palette, before designing and developing a website with bespoke functionality to create a simple, fulfilling user experience.

The Website

We translated the fun, creative feel of the brand into the website through the use of colour, imagery and iconography. The new site is built on Magento 2 with bespoke functionality such as a product configurator and a nationwide delivery matrix to guide customers through an easy eCommerce journey.