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High Visual Impact Site – High Engagement Rate

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Beagle Create, a fast-growing event production company, needed a website that matched the level of service they provided. We delivered a high-impact site that resulted in a 68% engagement rate from organic search.

Driven by high standards, big expectations, and a no-nonsense approach, Beagle Create are an event production company that we’re proud to be working with. They create incredible sets, lighting and end-to-end event production across industries such as Pharma and Automotive at some of the top venues in the world like The Shard.

The Challenges

Unfortunately, Beagle Create’s website wasn’t reflective of their quality of service or brand values. The company was keeping up with the big names in the industry but their website, which had been put together quickly when they first started, didn’t position them in this way. Being in an industry where technology and visual impact were so important, an outdated website was not suitable for them as a brand.

Their website was used for lead validation so they needed something they could share with prospects that proved their abilities and reassured them that Beagle could deliver. They needed to display a strong brand identity and ultimately close and generate leads. A website built in WIX wasn’t going to cut it anymore for this fast-growing company.

Our Solutions

Our designers created a visual style that used big images, video, a bold use of colour and animation to draw in the user. The animations running throughout the site are made up from fragments of the logo. The visual impact speaks for itself.

We took time to create a website strategy based on different user journeys that would guide the user through the site. The cross-population of content means that relevant content is constantly being fed to the user wherever they are in the site.

The site was built with flexible repeater rows in WordPress, meaning new pages can be created by someone without design or coding knowledge without compromising the integrity of the design.

The Results

Although we couldn’t compare data to their previous website, diving into their current analytics (4 months post live date) can give us a sense of how users are responding to the new site. A 68% engagement rate from organic search, shows most users are actively engaging with the website.

User journey mapping shows users are consistently visiting multiple pages once on the website, with an average of 3.58 pages per user – almost double the average of the B2B industry. This level of interaction with the site shows that the user experience is good, and the content is organised in a way that draws the user in.

The About page and Contact page are the most visited on the site showing we are achieving the goals of spreading brand awareness and generating leads.


What They Had to Say

We came to CDA after seeing another site they had designed, so knew they could deliver something punchy for us. Everyone we spoke to from the CDA team was really responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Our Account Manager guided us through the whole project and always listened to our feedback. The result was a website that we are proud to share with our prospects, that represents the level of work we were completing and stands up against our competitors.   

Darren Goss, Director, Beagle Create