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We're a Magento Web Development Company committed to taking your eCommerce design to the next level with expert Magento 1.9 and 2.0 services.

Magento Design, Development and Consulting Services
Our team are experienced in Magento development and eCommerce, having been working in ‘the internet’ since its infancy. We have seen the rise in online shopping and have become accustomed to user buying habits and behaviours. This knowledge enables us to create attractive, user-friendly Magento systems that convert visitors into customers.
Whether you are looking to launch a new eCommerce website or develop connectivity, automation, or advanced functionality on your existing store, we have the knowhow to implement intuitive solutions that your customers and prospects will love.

Your Magento Design and Development Partner
We believe in working in partnership with you to generate real value for your business. Our approach to this means your website requirements are laid out before starting the design and development processes, so there is clarity on all sides about the functionality of your eCommerce store.
We want to find the best way to use Magento for your requirements and will listen to your needs before providing cost and time-effective recommendations based on our experience.

Magento 1.9 or Magento 2?

Since its release in 2015, our team are skilled in developing Magento 2 websites. We are confident in the updates to the platform and believe it is now the superior eCommerce content management system. Magento will be ending support for Magento 1 in June 2020 meaning any sites using this platform will be at risk of becoming outdated and insecure. If you currently have a Magento 1 website, we recommend upgrading to Magento 2 sooner rather than later, as any additional development to Magento 1 websites will come at a greater risk and cost.

If you are considering a new Magento eCommerce website, we strongly recommend choosing the Magento 2 platform for better performance, sales optimisation, and cost control for your business.

Are you looking at a Magento project you would like to discuss further, we are happy to advise. Therefore, please get in touch by leaving your details below or contacting our team.

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