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Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly large part of the way every business presents itself to the world, and Mail Chimp is one of the most popularly used platforms. As always, however, there is a lot to learn in terms of terminology and jargon, and it can be easy to get confused. As such, we’ve put together this quick and simple Mail Chimp jargon buster, so you understand everything you need to know.

What is Mail Chimp?

Mail Chimp is, at its heart, an automation service that specialises in commercial email marketing. It allows you to simply and effectively reach a large customer base, with a simple email. Using Mail Chimp you can draft one simple marketing message, and with just a few clicks have it seen by thousands and thousands of people.

What is Mail Chimp used for?

It is used for a broad range of reasons, but its specialism is in automated email services. You can send anything from marketing materials to newsletters and special offers using this application. Mail Chimp has a suite of features honed over a decade-plus in business, allowing users to finely tailor their email marketing campaigns to their individual requirements. This application helps you reach both new and established contacts with ease.

Why is email marketing still worthwhile?

Email marketing is still one of the driving forces of marketing; it’s essential to consider it for several clear reasons. Cost is the first; there’s no cheaper way to send a message to a larger group of people – especially a message that they can actually interact with. The second is reach; virtually everyone has an email account that they check (it’s essential to engage with online services); so there is automatically a larger pool of potential customers. The third is customisation; you can tailor your email marketing drive to your own exacting tastes.

Reaching more customers and mobile users

Email is a basic service applied across most digital platforms; whether it’s PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even smart TV, there is a function for users to check their email. That gives a business a vast array of avenues to reach and engage with potential customers, no matter what device they use the most. The important thing is to make sure the email and any attachments are cross-device compatible to ensure maximum engagement.

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