One of the most effective ways of increasing your online conversation rate is by implementing an effective live chat function to your website. Having a user-friendly live chat function is just the beginning, the success comes from how you use it. Here are some tried and tested methods of increasing online sales with live chat function.

Get personal
Your live chat function is an extension of your people and an important means for your team to communicate with your audience. By personalising how you approach conversations with visitors to your website you can increase engagement. Having an experienced online sales team of live agents who are able to have a genuine conversation with your customers is a really important way to build trust in your service. By showing customers that you care about their needs and will do all you can to meet them, your online conversion will increase.

Be proactive
Don’t wait with your fingers crossed hoping that customers will begin chatting with you. Make the technology work for you by beginning the conversation yourself. Being proactive in this way works because you are increasing engagement with visitors who otherwise would not utilise a live chat feature, giving you an invaluable opportunity to sell to them directly. Additionally, it gives you control to reach out to visitors at key points in their buying experience allowing you to close the sale rather than let them click away.

Build trust
One of the most effective ways to get customers to trust your sales team and service is through the careful branding of your live chat feature. Humans are visual creatures and understand the world based on what we see, so the look of your live chat feature becomes important as it acts as a critical part of your shop window. Customisation ensures that customers understand the live chat as a function of your brand and values, not merely a piece of technology plugged into your website.

Follow the data
Using data analytics from your live chat function you can learn more about how your customers are interacting with your website and better understand when your sales are being made. As well as understanding when sales are successful, it’s also important to analyse when they are not so that you can take action. Data helps you find the most critical time and place to start your live chats, and the most effective messages to send as you learn what to say as well as when to say it.

Ask the professionals
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