If you want to increase online sales, you need to imagine your online business presence as a virtual shop front. If your shop front’s design looks like every other competitor’s on the stree;, how will you ensure that your customers return to you? It will be almost impossible to do so.

Invest in a standout logo

To leave a lasting impact on prospective customers, your logo (think of it as the hanging sign above your shop door) needs to stand out from the crowd. In order to achieve this, you should pay keen awareness to the logos that your competitors are using and avoid choosing a similar design. Present a well-researched logo that offers something unique.

Ideally, your logo should inspire an image of what your business has to offer, without an overcomplicated design. It should look professional and polished; this is why it’s so important to hire an expert like those who work for CDA to help you to create it.

A professional design expert will also optimise your logo; this is so that it can be used across platforms without compromising on quality. It is essential to harness a trustworthy brand image.

Don’t go colour blind

An important feature of web design is the colour palette you choose to represent your business. Your brand colours should be reflected throughout your website as well as on all social media profiles, and in any marketing materials your business distributes.

It’s important not to go colour blind. If your shop front was painted royal blue, you wouldn’t paint over a scruffy spot in sky blue – that would look untidy and make your business seem unprofessional and would turn customers away from your property. Online, you should maintain the same awareness for your virtual shop front. The colour palette you establish on your website should carry across all marketing channels, it isn’t enough to simply guess at the shade.

A CDA design expert will give you the correct hex codes for your colour palette, so you can incorporate exact website colours into any marketing material.

Avoid clutter

An efficient, clear layout that details all pertinent information to your prospective customers is key to successful web design.

Don’t litter your virtual shop front with unnecessary items. Design your website to be user-friendly and your online sales will naturally increase. You can’t control the layout of your social media profiles; however, you can take action to filter the unnecessary out of your business description.

Avoid shop front clutter and you’ll guide satisfied customers directly to the online checkout.