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Breaking news! Google is splitting up the company. The newly created parent company “Alphabet” will control Google’s main businesses, including its search engine unit, mapping and YouTube.

Alphabet and Google


Originally founded as a search engine, Google has increased its offering and services way past that of a traditional search engine.

We can only assume that before Mr Page and Mr Brin chose “Alphabet” as the name they Googled it. If they did they would have revealed that the internet domain belongs to BMW, the German car manufacturer. Will they sell it to Google? They say no but we will wait and see.

On the surface, the only difference is the name. The core business is paid search advertising and those profits are still funnelled into a web of experimental schemes that may not ever turn a profit. Whatever they do the new division between Google and Alphabet is more complex than a simple name change.

The reorganisation came as a surprise to everyone.

With this shake up google will be able to give their businesses departments more leeway in making their own decisions whilst the core search team focus on their core product of web search and paid advertising.

Over the years investors have voiced their concern that Google is losing its focus from its core search engine and has been distracted with projects such as self-driving cars. This bid to split the company will surly silence those critics. According to Google this change will take place later this year.Why not shake up your website and have breaking news. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have about your online existence.


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